WFNNB Credit Card

If you have been searching endlessly for information about your WFNNB Credit Card account login and card maintenance then you have found the site with the answers. Since you are here, you will finally know the ugly details and the nice thing that has happened with the WFNNB Credit Card account logins. The WFNNB Credit Card doesn't exist anymore, if you woke up to find that some of your accounts either were wiped out or renamed, we understand how you feel because they didn't really notify anyone of the changes. What has happened is the WFNNB Credit Card accounts mostly all done away with or renamed when they were taken over by the new Comenity Bank account system. Now, you will be able to go to their site and manage all of your store cards within one site. However, for now, all of the different store links still have their own special links for everything which can almost make it a pain.

It doesn’t have to be seen as a pain though because once on the site, you will just type in the name of your store account you need to access and it will bring up the appropriate site link for you that you will need to handle your business with that store account. The WFNNB Credit Card accounts are now a whole lot more when you see that there are so many different accounts that are available within their Comenity Banking system. The Comenity Bank itself doesn’t have any particular APR's or fees that they would provide on its own. What happens is that they simply are the site that manages the store accounts that are needed for all of the accounts they now manage. Basically, they are now the holder of all of your accounts if your store happens to fall under their command.


Comenity Bank has itself just become online actually but only where the name is concerned. Really, it's the same system from the WFNNB that was renamed as it is under the Alliance Data Corporation. This is why when you woke up one day, to call or check on your accounts, you thought you had the wrong phone numbers and the wrong site links. For those who already had accounts before the name change didn't really experience too much of a change. After all, only the names of a lot of the accounts changed.

Nothing else really changed unless it happened to be an account that was dropped from their portfolio. In the case that the account you have isn't under the Comenity, it is likely some other banking system that has picked up your account. It really is a huge headache for the customers when something like this occurs. The only thing we are left to do is to deal with whatever is happening and find our way back to normalcy somehow. So for a while you may be searching if your store account isn't with Comenity Bank. But for those who are now becoming familiar with the Comenity Bank name, use the login button above in order to begin to access your accounts in a new way.